Thursday, July 22, 2010

★Unsaid Things★

The hopes and fears of endless years,
buried underneath the painful stings:
The stings and burns of unsaid things.

The infinite number of dreams and wishes,
all cast at a target that each one misses,
Away from the joy of little things:
embedded in mounds of unsaid things.

A spark and an idea grows,
but it is shunned away for no'one to know,
The spark from which imagination swings:
trapped forever in unsaid things.

A dark , well kept and priceless secret,
Hidden away by those who keep it,
Away from the pain exposure brings:
protected by layers of unsaid things.

Dreams and wishes, hopes and fears,
covered with dust of endless years,
Well protected safe and warm,
away from pain and any harm,
Away from happiness which all things bring:
protected forever by unsaid things.

©Erica 2000

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