Thursday, August 12, 2010

♫ Red Balloon♫

~Red Balloon~ for PaPa
I wrote you a letter today...
on a red balloon.
With a black sharpie marker..
as I sat in my room.

I circled the words across..
trying not to let it pop.
Even though I was worried that it would burst..
the words would not stop.

I wrote of all the things..
that have been great and gone wrong.
I jotted down three chords..
of one of my new songs.

I told you about Wendy..
and the trouble with her mind.
And how I put roses on your grave..
when I find the time.

I put down all the times..
that I remember you.
Like watching a baseball game..
or eating your favorite soup.

I let you know that I wrote a poem..
about your favorite guitar.
I know that you hoped one day..
that it would make you a star.

There were so many things .to say..
but my space was small.
So I signed it with love..
and made my way up the hall.

I went out side ..
as I held the string.
I thought of the letter..
and how much joy to you it would bring.

This was the only way..
I did not know what to do.
I so badly needed ..
just to talk to you.

I let go of the string ..
and watched it fly.
And soon enough..
it was soaring high.

Papa I hope..
it reaches Heaven soon.
The letter I wrote ..
on a red balloon.

©Erica C.✍

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