Friday, September 24, 2010

★Resting on my arm★

~ Resting on my arm~ for my nephew
As we drive down this road we are on, I think to myself how much he has grown.

Our travel is weary and rough, his eyes get tired and he has had enough.

When his head is resting on my arm, he is in dreams away from harm.

Away from the worlds injustice and crime.

He is at ease for a moment in time.

The world is a very cruel place, but then I look at his angelic face.

I realize life has it's charms, when his head is resting on my arm.

The road still spins and turns, but it all enhances the things we learn.

He is only a child and has yet to see, how precious yet sufferable life can be.

I wish he could stay this way forever, and open his eyes to hatred never.

Although I worry, I dont want him alarmed.

No not when his head is resting on my arm.

©Erica C.

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